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  1. Asset Arbitrage: Crossing the trade
  2. Capital Formation: Principalling or Syndication
  3. Capital Placement: Financing Deals

Asset Arbitrage: Most commonly through single commercial assets and Bulk REO/Non-Performing Residential Loan Portfolios. We provide liquidity to banks and specialize in non-performing commercial notes. We help banks maximize recovery on their residential and commercial OREO.
Find out the ax of a Bulk REO/NPL buyers and cross smaller trades from a larger institutional seller or bank to less but qualified buyers.

Capital Formation: Raising debt or equity to buy commercial real estate assets - ideally assets with assumable loans (“conduit loans”). Advising others on raising equity capital.
Capital Placement:  Providing Debt, Mezzanine (“Mezz,” “Pref”) or Preferred Equity (“Pref”) Capital Credit Facilities (Bulk REO Buyers, Hard Money Lenders) Debtor-In-Possession Financing.



  1. Real estate investors who have found something interesting to buy but don’t have all the capital they need
  2. Commercial owners who have been asked “buy their note back at a discount”; meaning that they have the opportunity to refinance their note for lower than the current unpaid principal balance (“UPB”)

Integrity: It is always easier to do the right thing from the beginning.

Quality: To deliver results that are best and sustainable.

Value: Clients and Customers take center stage of what we do.

Motivation: The passion to be a solution provider is hinged on the premise of being a beneficial presence on the planet, leaving a positive mark.

Skills and Expertise

Commensurate real estate professional with strong experience in real estate principalling and transactional finance. Commercial investment banking.
Skills and Expertise: Investment property acquisition, investments, real estate, due diligence, valuation, real estate transactions, real estate finance, commercial mortgages, CMBS, Bulk REO, non-performing loans, re-performing loans, performing loans, capital formation, capital introduction, syndication, investment marketing, real estate capital, commercial real estate investment banking.

Commercial Real Estate Finance

Our Company’s clients are folks who are looking for debt and/or equity for acquiring commercial real estate assets, or sponsors who are seeking to repurchase their loans and/or recapitalize/restructure their existing assets ranging from $1 - 30 million.
Structured products we arrange are bridge loans, equity, preferred equity and mezzanine capital.
Specializing in joint venture equity for improved property and land development projects for sponsors and operators who cannot readily access capital from traditional banking sources. 
Capital Formation and Introduction for Real Estate Transactions: Our company has proven ability to structure simple and complex real estate transactions for real estate sponsors both at the fund level and at the individual asset level across the capital spectrum to minimize dilution and optimize the capital structure. Often these solutions involve a hybrid of debt and equity. Using our distribution capabilities, we target a particular group of investors- either retail or institutional - and organize meetings that can efficiently maximize our sponsor’s time
Bulk Asset Purchases: Our company also provides liquidity for banks, hard money lenders and other lenders with legacy assets on their balance sheet. This includes a “bad bank” joint venture option. We invest proprietary capital in real estate opportunities within the United States. Our investment professionals identify, structure and finance the acquisition of real estate assets principally through credit-sensitive residential mortgage assets and other debt interests.
Our clients include institutions and sophisticated high net worth investors. We continually evaluate our product line and encourage innovation within the firm.
As a Stabilized Transaction Specialist, certified by ACPARE.ORG we set ourselves apart.