Small Community Banks

Small community banks are sometimes under pressure from investors, regulators and, in particular, bank analysts to reduce its CRE. Banks have to satisfy the requirements to reduce its concentration of non-performing CRE loans and preserve capital by year-end.  

Discounted Pay Offs (DPO): We can provide Debtor -in - Possession (DIP) aka Bankruptcy financing. As an intermediary of a larger discretionary capital provider, a large part of our business is providing debt and equity financing to borrowers with offers of DPO's.

Commercial Brokers and Sales Professionals

For New Acquisitions: Commercial brokers and sales professional often have buyers in need of quick financing and equity for a quick close

A good commercial sales professional will have access to commercial listings from a couple of banks looking to sell their assets.

These could be…

  • Note buybacks (aka “DPOs”)
  • Performing loans
  • Non-performing loans
  • REOs


Commercial Property Managers

Types of Deals: Discounted Pay Offs (“DPOs”)

If loan maturity is pending, or if a borrower has gone into “maturity default,” the expectation is that the PM will take care of the issue.  PM usually need help finding commercial capital.

Special Servicers

Types of Deals: Discounted Pay Offs (“DPOs”); “Super C” Loans

Special Servicers are companies that have specific processes in place to deal with loans that require unusual attention. For example, loans that are currently in or about to go into default.

Special Servicers can obtain the loans themselves, or just the servicing rights to loans.

These servicers are different than other servicers because they quite often have complete discretion in how they can rehabilitate a defaulted loan, or sell off the asset for the beneficiaries of (or owners/investors in) that loan (or the owners of the loan).

Title Companies

Types of Deals: Discounted Pay Offs (“DPOs”); New Acquisitions

Title companies see everything legally that happens to a borrower.

Residential Mortgage Brokers

Types of Deals: Discounted Pay Offs (“DPOs”); New Acquisitions

Residential Realtors

Types of Deals: New Acquisitions

Realtors® are fantastic for finding smaller, inexpensive (“smaller balance”) commercial deals that can be easily financed using bridge funding such as smaller apartment buildings and mixed-use properties.

Real Estate Attorneys / CPAs

Types of Deals: Discounted Pay Offs (“DPOs”); New Acquisitions
In more complicated deal structures that have many investors (such as “Syndications” or “TICs”), CPAs file Schedule K-1s for all of the investors in a group and know which investors-

  1. Can’t afford capital calls and want to get out and,
  2. Can afford to buy additional assets because they have a strong personal balance sheet.

Type of Assets

We’re looking at an income-producing commercial real estate.

  1. Retail: Grocery anchored retailers as these tend to be the most stable.
  2. Multifamily: They are seen as being stable as people need a place to live.
  3. Offices
  4. Industrial

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