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Capital Source

High Net worth Individual: Collectively, they are ideal for a real estate investor to target for real estate deals since these folks are usually ignored by the big investment houses as they aren’t broad enough to deal with or to make money from in fees.

Hedge Funds and Discretionary Opportunistic Funds

These are funds of pooled capital that invest and trade in a variety of investment vehicles, ranging from anything from stocks, defaulted mortgages, and foreign government bond to expensive artwork and precious metals.

Family Offices and Endowments

They have their own business, and the businesses usually throw off a lot of cash flow. Or their wealth was the result of selling a business or many shares of stock after a company sold or went public via an IPO.
They have their CFO, CIOs, and attorneys on hand and an administrator. These family offices range in size from $50 million to as high as a couple billion. Some of them team up and do “club deals,” meaning 2 or more families will pass a hat around and chip in a few million dollars for a deal. 
An endowment is an investment fund set up in which regular withdrawals from the invested capital are used for ongoing operations or other specified purposes.
Endowment funds are often used by nonprofits, universities, hospitals and churches.
They are institutional, they are sophisticated, and they are in it for the long term. Their primary motivation is wealth creation and income for sustaining their family's or their cause's long term goals. 
Landlords: Wanting to get out of being landlords.